Fee Structure 2018

If you would like to join ALBANY SAINTS AND SINNERS MULTISPORT CLUB or renew your membership for 2018, please read the following carefully.

Fee Structure for 2018 – Runners:

  • Basic Fee – R230 plus:
  • Over 60: R60 license fee
  • Under 60: R110 license fee
    Additionally an:
  • Age Category Tag – R10 (not necessary to participate in events)
    And of course a:
  • Running Vest: R220.
    A club vest is required if you want to run EPA/League events.

Fee Structure for 2018 – Cyclists/Triathletes/Social Members:

  • Basic Fee – R230 (plus you need to take care of your own CSA/TSA licences etc.).

The basic fee of R230.00 consists of:
R150 that goes to Albany Saints & Sinners Multisport Club and R80 goes to the use of Albany Sports Club facilities.


Account Details:
Saints and Sinners,
Grahamstown Branch.
Cheque Account Number: 6237 261 4521
Please send proof of payment to:

Apart from payment, everyone who wishes to join the club must do the following:

Register on the:
Albany Saints and Sinners Club database (existing members need not do this).

To register: please go to www.saintsandsinners.co.za/signup) and fill in the form including:

  • Your name,
  • Contact details and
  • some basic medical information which will help us to help you in an emergency.


  1. If you were licensed last year, please check that your info is still on asa.saclubs.co.za (Please update any info if it has changed!)
  2. If you are applying for a road running license for the first time, please register:
    1. under the name of Albany Saints & Sinners on the:
    2.  asa.saclubs.co.za website.
  3. If you are joining Albany Saints & Sinners from any other club, please ask your previous club to change your status on asa.saclubs.co.za to “Transfer”.
    Your club should also inform the EPA via e-mail (epa@pe.co.za) that you wish to change clubs and that they have no good reason to prevent you from doing so.
    Your info will either be transferred to Albany Saints and Sinners (we hope), or (if not) you may have to then follow point 3 above.
  4. Pay your R340/R290 into the mentioned account. Send proof of payment to:
    • A number will then be assigned to you. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you will have the same number as last or previous years.
    We will also change your status on the ASA Club website from “Pending” to “Accepted”.
    • We will also organize for the actual licences to be brought down from PE for distribution.
  5. When you fetch your licences, you will also have to hand in the attached hard copy licensing form, as EPA now requires this hard copy as well.